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Business Law



Sometimes the only way to resolve business or personal issues is to file a law suit.
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Probate Estate


It is necessary for everyone to have a Last Will and Testament.
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  Things you need to know before buying real estate in the Mountains!!

  • Rules, Regulations, Laws and Taxes differ from state to state
  • Georgia is NOT a Community Property state
  • Trusts cannot own property in Georgia
  • Georgia requires closing with an Attorney
  • Title Companies only issue policies, they do not conduct closings
  • Some counties have NO zoning
  • It is essential to have Covenants and Well/Water Agreements
  • Many roads are private, not maintained by the County therefore road maintenance Agreements are a necessity
  • Having a Real Estate agent is essential due to scattered and hard-to-find locations Property with a view, on water, both or neither will decide cost